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This page will show you three different projects that demonstrate my experience with social media among various roles. The first project is for Matador AMA, specifically content planning for the Annual Marketing Mash-Up (My role: Management). This is followed by a group class presentation slide deck to propose a  social media marketing plan for Peet's Coffee (My primary contribution: Competitive Analysis & Target Market/Personas). The last project will explain my involvement in Outfest LA's social media as an intern (Platforms I focused on: Instagram and Facebook).

Content Planning for Mash-Up

Marketing Mash-Up

In Spring 2019, I held the position as President for Matador AMA, the CSUN chapter of the American Marketing Association. Every year we host a networking event called Marketing Mash-Up to give students the opportunity to meet professionals in the marketing field. I oversaw all the planning and operations for this event including content and media. Content and social media is led by two departments, the Multimedia department and the Social media and Promotion department. As President, I helped establish certain campaigns and tracked their progress. I will explain our process starting with the master tracking sheet below.


The first thing we did was re-evaluate what worked and what didn't work for promotion the year prior. We noted that the previous year did not fully utilize personal experiences, lacked consistent branding and design, and lacked diversity across platforms. With that, our goal for promotion were to bring focus to personal testimonies through video content, set a clear theme in our posts, and to be more mindful on the formatting of posts across platforms. After understanding what we wanted, we started with brainstorm meetings and used a tracking sheet to organize our thoughts (screenshot image above). This allowed us to come up with taglines, hashtags, refer to inspiration, and think about a possible timeline. Not every idea listed was used. We narrowed it down to the capacity of the departments and the expected effectiveness of each campaign.

After deciding which campaign ideas to implement, our next step was to devise a timeline. The VP of Social Media and Promotions created a content calendar to keep everyone on track. It includes the dates of what should be posted and on which platform. This is meant to be used as a quick overview so we were all aware of what should be posted.

content calendar.PNG

*NOTE: The above calendar was prepared by Tia (Tanaporn) Sitiso, the VP of Social Media & Promotions at the time*

Best IG Days_Times .PNG

Using resources from Hootsuite, we established the posting times based on each day. From there, we looked at our own analytics on each platform to understand what time people engage with our posts the most and adjust future posts to optimize this. This was a small detail that was never done in previous years and we wanted to test its effectiveness. 

Below is a week's worth of the detailed posting schedule. It includes the assets of what to posts, such as, images, videos, captions and hashtags. It clearly lays out the date and time to post as well as divide it by platform. This was used to keep everything centralized in one location and made the process visually easier to understand.

*NOTE: Although I prepared the layout of this schedule, all the assets below were created by the respective departments of Multimedia (VP of the time was Maci Garcia) and Social Media and Promotion (VP of the time was Tia Sitiso).*

MatadorAMA Social Media Calendar updated
MatadorAMA Social Media Calendar updated
MatadorAMA Social Media Calendar updated
MatadorAMA Social Media Calendar updated
MatadorAMA Social Media Calendar updated
MatadorAMA Social Media Calendar updated
MatadorAMA Social Media Calendar updated
MatadorAMA Social Media Calendar updated
MatadorAMA Social Media Calendar updated
MatadorAMA Social Media Calendar updated
MatadorAMA Social Media Calendar updated
MatadorAMA Social Media Calendar updated
MatadorAMA Social Media Calendar updated
MatadorAMA Social Media Calendar updated

We continuously tracked the effectiveness of each campaign during and after. This helped us determine what is worth repeating, what needs improving, and what was not necessary. We found that using more video content invited more interaction and engagement. 


social media marketing plan for Peet's Coffee

Peet's Coffee

The final assignment for my Social Media Marketing class at CSUN was a group project where we were to prepare a social media marketing plan for a company of out choice. Our group decided to dive into Peet's Coffee since their current social media presence could be greatly improved despite being a well established brand. My primary contribution was the Competitive Analysis section and the  Target Market/Personas. Deciding that Starbucks is a main competitor of Peet's Coffee, I created a SWOT analysis and looked into their current media campaigns to understand what has been successful for them. I also looked at the current consumers segments of Peet's Coffee and what their brand intends to accomplish to help understand the best strategies to implement. I also created the general overall design of the slides. 

MKT 459 Peet's Coffee SMM Plan_Page_01.j
MKT 459 Peet's Coffee SMM Plan_Page_02.j
MKT 459 Peet's Coffee SMM Plan_Page_03.j
MKT 459 Peet's Coffee SMM Plan_Page_06.j
MKT 459 Peet's Coffee SMM Plan_Page_07.j
MKT 459 Peet's Coffee SMM Plan_Page_08.j
MKT 459 Peet's Coffee SMM Plan_Page_09.j
MKT 459 Peet's Coffee SMM Plan_Page_10.j
MKT 459 Peet's Coffee SMM Plan_Page_11.j
MKT 459 Peet's Coffee SMM Plan_Page_12.j
MKT 459 Peet's Coffee SMM Plan_Page_13.j
MKT 459 Peet's Coffee SMM Plan_Page_14.j
MKT 459 Peet's Coffee SMM Plan_Page_15.j
MKT 459 Peet's Coffee SMM Plan_Page_16.j
MKT 459 Peet's Coffee SMM Plan_Page_17.j
MKT 459 Peet's Coffee SMM Plan_Page_18.j
MKT 459 Peet's Coffee SMM Plan_Page_19.j
MKT 459 Peet's Coffee SMM Plan_Page_20.j
MKT 459 Peet's Coffee SMM Plan_Page_21.j
MKT 459 Peet's Coffee SMM Plan_Page_22.j
MKT 459 Peet's Coffee SMM Plan_Page_23.j
MKT 459 Peet's Coffee SMM Plan_Page_24.j
MKT 459 Peet's Coffee SMM Plan_Page_25.j
MKT 459 Peet's Coffee SMM Plan_Page_26.j

Working Social Media for Outfest LA

Outfest LA

Oufest LA is an annual LGBTQ film festival that focuses on bringing queer voices and queer stories on screen. In Summer 2018, I was an intern for Outfest. Though I had multiple responsibilities, I will only be discussing my role as it pertains to social media in this section. This includes pre-festival prep and festival documentation during. A month or so before the festival, I was in charge or creating the collateral for all 300+ films across all our platforms. This was organized using a master tracking sheet (screenshot seen below). This created a central location for the other intern to set up posts in advance.

ofla master.PNG

I was also in charge of the Community Collaborator Program, where we collaborate with other community organizations to promote a film. Collaborators agreed to post on their social media accounts to promote a specific film for the festival. I created Digital Press Kits to send to collaborators. This kit included the collateral, possible captions, and a variety of formatting options by platform to simplify the process for collaborators. After these were sent, I also tracked whether or not collaborators posted and how much engagement they were able to provide. This concludes the pre-festival prep. The rest of this page discusses festival documentation during Outfest LA.


Instagram Stories

During the festival, I was one of the people in charge of posting on the story for Instagram. I was given a lot of freedom of what I needed to capture, but for the most part my posts can be outlined in 5 categories: red carpet, Q&A live streams, locations/venues, boomerangs, and people focused "interviews". My favorite stories were the boomerangs and people focused "interviews". Boomerangs were always fun and short videos that everyone in it had a chance to have a little fun. The people focused "interviews" showcased a personal environment between filmmakers, patrons/attendees, and volunteers. It gave a a chance for filmmakers to talk about their film, patrons/attendees to share why they love Outfest LA, and reminded our followers how important our volunteers are.

*NOTE: The above images are screen shots of a couple video posts I took for the Instagram Story*

Twitter Posts

Aside from Instagram, I was also posting on Twitter. My role for Twitter was more simple. I was only required to post snippets or images of film introductions and Q&A's, "like" and retweet mentions of @outfest, and post meaningful quotes from speakers based on my own judgment. Again, I was not the only one posting for Twitter, but for the first time our hashtag #OutfestLA was trending during the festival, which was an exciting way to measure our growth and engagement.

Photo Jul 14, 6 13 07 PM.png

*NOTE: The above images are screen shots of a couple Twitter posts I made, as well as the trending page of that time*


Facebook Albums

In addition to social media, I also helped with photography. We had multiple volunteer photographers to capture all the events and venues that were happening at once. Other than shooting, I was also in charge of sorting and editing our volunteers photos then posting albums to Facebook. 

More Brand strategy Projects:

One of my assignments for my first graphic design class was to design a logo for a fictitious business. I decided to continue to push this project further by treating it as a real emerging establishment. I created personas, an app, etc.

Isolation Cafe
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